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You Haven’t Met a Problem You Can’t Solve

That's the thing about being a senior systems administrator: there's no one to pass an issue off to. You know the systems inside out: all major Linux distros, cPanel, LiteSpeed, OnApp, etc. You know how to tackle tough design challenges, how to fix misbehaving systems, and how to stop security threats in their tracks.

We're hiring someone amazing that wants to help in steering how we design and manage servers and systems.

Please see site for full details BEFORE applying:


This is a multi-faceted job that requires exceptional technical skill, people and management skill, and some degree of business acumen. Some specific requirements and responsibilities:

  • Extensive experience with multiple flavors of *nix
  • Hands-on experience with shared and VPS hosting
  • OnApp experience strongly preferred
  • Knowledge/experience with server hardware
  • Ability to help hire/manage technical team
  • Good communication with customers
  • Strong drive to get things done and handle whatever needs handling

See site for details:


This position, as nearly all positions at Conseev, offers extensive flexibility in both location, schedule, and every other aspect of work environment. We are a fully virtual company; see our site for more details:

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